Reference list (extract)

2019 Panel discussion road/rail conference, Berlin
Description: Participation in a panel discussion on the subject of “Industry 4.0” at the road/rail conference in February 2019.
Presse: Der Eisenbahningenieur 05/19

2018 Newcastle LRT, Australien
Description: 1x road/rail shunting Unimog; client: TfNSW, Australia

2018 Project management in power lines industry
Description: Tender processing and project management for company Rebaioli SpA in a project in Tyrol / Austria

2017 Speech on the road/rail conference, Berlin
Description: Approvals of road/rail vehicles as per example of Australia and India
Press: Der Eisenbahningenieur 06/17

2016 Canberra LRT, Australia
Description: 1x road/rail Unimog with lifting platform and bodywork, client: CAF Spain

2016 Metro Doha, Qatar
Description: 2x road/rail rescue vehicles and 1x road/rail Unimog with crane, client: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

2016  Metro Aarhus, Denmark
Description: 2x road/rail Unimogs with 1x road/rail trailer, client: Ansaldo STS

2015  Rapid MetroRail Gurgaon, India
Description: 1x road/rail Unimog with crane, client: SIEMENS AG, Berlin

2015  Qatar Education City, Qatar
Description: 2x road/rail Unimog with 1x road/rail trailer, client: SIEMENS AG, Berlin

2015  Metro Riyadh, Saudi-Arabia
Description: 2x road/rail Unimogs and 3x electric shunting machines, client: SIEMENS AG

2015  Metro Riyadh, Saudi-Arabia
Description: 2x road/rail trucks as track cleaning vehicle, client: SIEMENS AG, Berlin

2014  LRT Hyderabad, India
Description: 1x road/rail rescue vehicle, client: L&T Construction, India

2014  Metro Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Description: 2x road/rail Unimogs with lifting platform and bodywork, client: CAF Spain

2014  Rio Tinto, Australia
Description: 5x Elektro-Rangierer, client: Rio Tinto Limited

2012  Gold Coast Rapid Transit, Australia
Description: 1x road/rail Unimog with Bühne, client: Bombardier, Australia

2011  Metro Mashhad, Iran
Description: 2x road/rail rescue vehicles, client: MURSCO, Iran

2010  Edinburgh Tram,  Great-Britain
Description: 1x road/rail Unimog with 1x road/rail trailer, client: SIEMENS AG, Berlin

2010  Syrian Railways, Syria
Description: 6x road/rail MB Sprinter and 6x road/rail Unimogs, client: NSN, München

2010  Iranian Railways, Iran   
Description: 2x road/rail Unimogs with lifting platform, client: IIRR

2009  Mapna, Iran
Description: 2x road/rail shunting Unimogs; client: Mapna Locomotives, Iran

2007  Macedonian Railways, Macedonia
Description: 6x road/rail MB Sprinter, client: Macedonian Railways